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Re: Debian/stable with 2.6 kernel

On Fri, Oct 24, 2003 at 05:04:40PM -0700, David Mosberger wrote:
>   Matthew> I upgraded my wife to Debian/unstable on her laptop to get
>   Matthew> X working ...  despite its name, it works pretty well.
>   Matthew> Mozilla's been a bone of contention, but it's fixed now.
> Not my experience at all.  I'm running Debian/unstable on my
> workstation at work and I do about a bi-weekly "apt-get update".
> Every time it upgrades on the order of 100MB of packages.  Apart from
> X, mozilla, and gnome-panel are repeated sources of problems.  Not to
> mention that sawfish is simply broken when used with gnome-panel and
> metacity is a terrible window-manager in my experience.
> For a concrete example, just yesterday "gnome-panel" was "held back"
> and the apparent reason is the mess with the .la files in /usr/lib.

since this is on the ia64 list, i assume we're talking about ia64.
in that case, david is right, i wouldn't recommend running sid on ia64
for anyone who isn't willing to fix bugs.

i run sid/ia64 at work, for the express reason of making sure these
bugs are found before a stable release - in the past couple months,
xchat, apache, gnumeric, evolution, and various pieces of gnome have 
been broken.  sid/x86 has been pretty painfree.

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