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Debian/stable with 2.6 kernel

Is anyone working on putting together the necessary package/howto on
how to use a 2.6 kernel with Debian/stable?  I faced this situation
myself, because I wanted to use the 2.6 kernel on my home machine,
which is as close to mission-critical as it gets for me (my wife
depends on it, what can I say... ;-).

It's actually fairly easy to do.  Apart from building the kernel, I
just had to build and install the binutils, module-init-tools, and
procps packages from the "unstable" tree for "stable".  Also, I had to
hack /usr/sbin/dhcpd to recognize the 2.6 kernel.  Oh, and then I had
to convert from ipchains to iptables, since the former doesn't seem to
be terribly stable (at least not with the ia64 kernel at the moment;
perhaps we'll fix this, or perhaps ipchains just needs to be declared
dead technology).

Any takers?


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