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Re: 2.4.19-mckinley-smp kernel: How to select compiled in modules?

Bob Proulx writes...

> I assume that means either as a module or as compiled into the kernel.
> I think they really just mean selected for your kernel.  It needs
> wordsmithing.  (BTW, I don't see that documentation with the current
> version of autofs in stable.)

It's there. In the package source look in the
upstream/tarballs/autofs-4.0.0pre10.tar.gz tarball at,

include/linux/auto_fs4.h lines 19-22
daemon/automount.c line 435

So the userspace daemon is telling the kernel that it supports version
2 through 4 and letting the kernel decide.

Maybe what's happening is that if both autofs and autofsv4 are
built-in the kernel, then it defaults to autofs. I guess this is the
safe behavior although kinda confusing. I didn't look too deep so
if anyone is interested they could look and tell us for sure.

The Configure.help text for CONFIG_AUTOFS_FS sort of tells you this,

  If you want to use the newer version of the automounter with more
  features, say N here and say Y to "Kernel automounter v4 support",

Here's something to try...
On a system with the standard Debian kernel image 2.4.20-mckinley-smp,

$ grep autofs /proc/filesystems
nodev   autofs

What does it say on the new kernel you built with various different
combinations of modules loaded?

Anyway, it's a bug that the Debian ia64 kernel has them both turned
on. It should be "one yes the other no", vise-versa, or both modules.
The i386 images(or at least the one I looked at) have them both as

I'll file a bug.

Matt Taggart        Linux and Open Source Lab
taggart@fc.hp.com   Hewlett-Packard

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