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Re: 2.4.19-mckinley-smp kernel: How to select compiled in modules?

Bob Proulx writes...

> In the 2.4.19-mckinley-smp config the following exists.
>   CONFIG_AUTOFS_FS=y   <-- do not want it
>   CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS=y  <-- want it
> But the 'autofs' driver does not support hierarchical mounts.  I would
> like to use the 'autofs4' driver.  In a modular kernel I can specify
> autofs4 explicitly.  But when both are compiled into the kernel how
> can I make use of autofs4 instead of autofs?

Just a guess but try adding

alias autofs autofs4

to /etc/modules.conf via the debian method(man update-modules).

Matt Taggart        Linux and Open Source Lab
taggart@fc.hp.com   Hewlett-Packard

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