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Re: Ris: ddtp2.d.n down again but that's ok!

Hi Daniele,

Le 13/06/2020 à 22:14, Daniele Forsi a écrit :
> Il giorno mer 10 giu 2020 alle ore 01:48 Thomas Vincent ha scritto:
>> Andrey and I have started to review all of them and we're reopening
>> translations for review when we find encoding issues.
> How do you find those with encoding issues?

I just read the descriptions, but I know that Andrey and s3v used
scripts to automatically detect errors.

> Do you have a way to fix them automatically?

In most languages affected, a manual correction is enough, given the low
number of packages affected.
In Italian, all the translations we fetched seem to be already in
review, so I assume you found an efficient way to deal with them. :)

> I think you can fix them using iconv, for example from the terminal,
> this fixes the "è" and the "ù":
> wget "https://ddtp.debian.org/ddt.cgi?language=it&desc_id=273173";
> --output-document=273173.orig
> iconv -f utf-8 -t latin1 273173.orig --output=273173.txt

That's super useful, thanks!


> --
> Daniele Forsi

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