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Re: Please re-enable the DDTSS e-mail interface on the occasion of the move to debian.org

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Vincent schreef op zo 02-02-2020 om 00:27 [+0100]:
> Hi Frans,
> Le 28/01/2020 à 17:01, Frans Spiesschaert a écrit :
> > The Debian Dutch localisation team would be very pleased if you would
> > be willing to re-enable the e-mail interface to DDTSS on the occasion
> > of the move to debian.org.
> > 
> At first, it was not our intention to re-enable the DDTP e-mail
> interface, but your message made us reconsider this position and we are
> trying to figure out what it would need to work properly.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate this.

> With the web part of DDTP being almost ready, I would not want to delay
> the transition and risk being bitten by another downtime of ddtp2.d.n.
> So, we will probably make the transition with only the web interface in
> a first time, and then work on the e-mail interface.

This I fully can understand.

> I hope that you understand our position and that it's ok for you to wait
> a little longer for the e-mail interface.

Would it be possible for you to ping me (or debian-i18n) when the e-mail
interface becomes available again?

Kind regards,
Frans Spiesschaert

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