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Re: Please re-enable the DDTSS e-mail interface on the occasion of the move to debian.org

Hi Frans,

Sorry for the late reply.

Le 28/01/2020 à 17:01, Frans Spiesschaert a écrit :
> The Debian Dutch localisation team would be very pleased if you would
> be willing to re-enable the e-mail interface to DDTSS on the occasion
> of the move to debian.org.
> The Debian Dutch localisation team hasn't got that much active members
> any more. And the fact that one has to check different locations (e.g.
> the Dutch l10n mailing list, DDTSS, hosted-weblate, ...) to review
> Dutch translations, creates an extra burden. With the e-mail interface
> re-enabled, it would become possible again to organize the review of
> package description translations via the Dutch l10n mailing list.

I totally get your point about the extra burden added by yet another
interface to translate things. Plus, the DDTSS is arguably not the most
pleasant of them. :D

At first, it was not our intention to re-enable the DDTP e-mail
interface, but your message made us reconsider this position and we are
trying to figure out what it would need to work properly.

With the web part of DDTP being almost ready, I would not want to delay
the transition and risk being bitten by another downtime of ddtp2.d.n.
So, we will probably make the transition with only the web interface in
a first time, and then work on the e-mail interface.

I hope that you understand our position and that it's ok for you to wait
a little longer for the e-mail interface.

Kind regards,

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