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Re: jove Please update debconf PO translation for the package jove

Hallo! Du (Beatrice Torracca) hast geschrieben:

>I am in the process of updating this po file, but I am puzzled by something.
>It looks like the following 4 (2?) messages were supposed to be multiline messages but are rendered like 1 single message for each line instead of 2 messages of 2 lines. This makes the translation quite akward.
>Usually I see multiline messages so I think there would be any problem transforming these 4 lines too in 2 messages only.
>But I don't know if there are technical reasons for this choice.

I have to say that I'm just going by the book. I updated the templates
file (I added two more strings) and then I ran podebconf-report-po.
The rest is 'magic' ;-)

Maybe this is happening because I have Linewraps in the templates
file? If that is deprecated, I'll remove them.

>I will go on with the translation anyway as they are.
>And thanks a lot for warning us translators of the update to the
>message .po file. It is indeed appreciated!!

Thanks for your work.


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