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Re: Sharing thoughts about the ddtp approaches


Many thanks. It gives  good idea of things. I thought mor French
packages were affected, but I see only 900 packages with a not complete
translation. On the other hand I guess that when we translate one
Python-xx or some bindings or python3, it will be easier to identify the
potential duplication. Great then and many thanks

Best regards

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL
Le 15/10/2019 à 22:25, Martijn van Oosterhout a écrit :
> Hoi,
> On Tue, 15 Oct 2019 at 18:39, Beatrice Torracca <beatricet@libero.it> wrote:
>> yes, s3v idea is very good. I think the system calls incomplete
>> descriptions "partially translated". So maybe
>> "allpartiallytranslatedpackages"?  (this is different of course from
>> "allpreviouslytranslated")
> So I went with allpartiallytranslatedpackages, for example:
> http://ddtp2.debian.net/ddt.cgi?allpartiallytranslatedpackages=nl
> Try this, see if it works as expected or if it needs some tweaks.
> Groet,

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