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Re: Let's move to ddtp.debian.org - web interface

On 6 December 2017 at 20:16, Beatrice Torracca <beatricet@libero.it> wrote:

I am sorry if it seemed that there was no interest or it was not
appreciated. If we did not use it, it was only because we were under
the impression that the system was only a testing system. We thought
that the translation work done there would not be included for real in
the system. So we just tried it out, taking a look around, but not
really using it for the daily translation work.

Well, it was a testing system, but the transition would be an all-or-nothing thing. The entire onl system would be replaced with the new one. So there would need to be sufficient buy in from several of the major teams. In retrospect maybe that wasn't clear enough but that's water under the bridge now. In the end it was the flaky machine that nailed it really.

I learnt a lot coding it, so there's that :)

Have a nice day,

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