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Re: Let's move to ddtp.debian.org - Call for help

On 17-11-27 19:59, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> On 27 Nov 2017 10:43 AM, "Andrey Skvortsov" <andrej.skvortzov@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've updated Apache configuration [1], now ddtp can be easily setup
> using puppet on Stretch.
> I have question about munin. Currently default munin configuration for
> Apache is used. It means that munin web-interface is available only
> from localhost. Do we leave defaults or do we need munin web-interface
> available from outside as well like is now [2]?
> Nice! I think making them public is good, reduce single point of failure.
> OTOH, if is going to be monitored properly I guess it's up to whoever
> monitors it...
> Martijn

Updated munin configuration and added helper shell script that
automates most of steps described in the README.
Now setup ddtp on Stretch is easy as running setup.sh by root.
Dumps are downloaded and installed automatically on request.

What about mail interface? Does somebody still using it?
Do we need it?

Best regards,
Andrey Skvortsov

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