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Re: Re: openldap 2.4.40-2: Please update debconf PO translation for the package openldap

[For some reason I didn't receive your mail. Replying via the archive.]

Christian PERRIER wrote:
> You have two spaces after "rule that". This is very likely because in
> the original debian/*templates file, there is a trailing space after
> "that".
> I'd suggest removing it.

Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed now in git. I did the line-wrapping
with vim (gq), which sometimes leaves a trailing space on a continued
line, and didn't notice that it appeared in the PO files.

> That might "fuzzy" translations which you already received. WHat I
> suggest in such case is to carefully edit the translation PO files
> (with an editor where you're 100% sure will not break the
> encoding...."vi" would be a good idea).....and just remove one of the
> extra spaces in the "msgid" line, for each PO file.

OK, I will. If I understood you correctly, fixing the PO files directly
would be preferred over running debconf-updatepo again and removing the
fuzzy markers?

Thanks for your help!

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