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Re: Changing i18n.debian.net DNS records

On 11/19/2012 11:07 AM, Christian PERRIER wrote:
Quoting Michael Bramer (m.bramer@deb-support.de):

I have a problem....

I don't find my usb stick with my debian pgp-key and I was last week
in munich on a exhibition and not at my office.

Please ask the dns master of debian.net to adopt ddtp.debian.org on
your account.

Thanks for your answer, Michael. Any chance that you know who is the
DNS master?

debian.net Administrative and Technical Contact ist

SPI, Hostmaster hostmaster@spi-inc.org
P.O. Box 501248
Indianapolis, IN 46250-6248

But I think DSA ( debian-admin@lists.debian.org) or admin@db.debian.org is the best way for that.

Michael Bramer

email: m.bramer@deb-support.de
Tel: +49 170 2253865

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