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Re: Proposel: the way of DDTP back to ddtp.debian.org


Dňa Tue, 23 Aug 2011 17:26:10 +0200 Martin Eberhard Schauer
<Martin.E.Schauer@gmx.de> napísal:

> having a look at the l10n-sk I understand your »language team bootstrap«
> problem. As long as you are the only one, your initial contributions rot
> in the web interface ...

this is not a problem, while our contributors (one, two?) are on vacation
now :-) I sometime go to web interface to help with reviews...

> > If you will rewrite the mail interface, here are some bugs:
> > - i have problem with sending translation by GPG signed mails. The
> > robot fails with something as unknown attachment type, or similar.
> > - response to translation mail contains the both descriptions. The
> >    translated one is proper signed with UTF-8, but the text has bad
> > charset. 
> do you really have »Description-sk.UTF-8:« in your mails? Storing
> the file in UTF-8 is not enough. The system does not check the
> character set. When it is not given, ISO-8859-1 (?) is assumed and
> the file will be converted.

The problem is only with email reply, not with translation. I now did fresh
translation of the acpidump package, to i can send original texts here.

1, request: get acpidump sk.UTF-8
2, translation:

Description-sk.UTF-8: nástroje na výpis systémových tabuliek ACPI do súboru ASCII
3, email reply:

Description-sk: nástroje na výpis systémových tabuliek ACPI do súboru ASCII
              verifying UTF-8...
add the translation in the db

I know, it is cosmetic only, but when i start using email interface, i was
confused by this...

> > - i have problem to get description of the some packages. I don't find
> > the system in it, but if you take look to (for example) claws-mail-*
> > packages you can see some untraslated (slovak - sk), while i don*t get
> > them. 
> Yep. You don't get an error message when your request is not
> satisfied. The system currently sends only descriptions from sid.

Yes, i don't get anything. Here is link to claws-mail source package:


If you switch to slovak version of the page, you can see, that here are
english descriptions in packages:
- claws-mail-smime-plugin
- claws-mail-dbg

This is only as example, i was problem with more packages, but i do not
remember them. As you can see, they are sid packages.



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