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Re: Proposel: the way of DDTP back to ddtp.debian.org

Hi Slavko,

having a look at the l10n-sk I understand your »language team bootstrap«
problem. As long as you are the only one, your initial contributions rot
in the web interface ...
If you will rewrite the mail interface, here are some bugs:
- i have problem with sending translation by GPG signed mails. The robot
   fails with something as unknown attachment type, or similar.
- response to translation mail contains the both descriptions. The
   translated one is proper signed with UTF-8, but the text has bad charset.
do you really have »Description-sk.UTF-8:« in your mails? Storing
the file in UTF-8 is not enough. The system does not check the
character set. When it is not given, ISO-8859-1 (?) is assumed and
the file will be converted.
- i have problem to get description of the some packages. I don't find the
   system in it, but if you take look to (for example) claws-mail-* packages
   you can see some untraslated (slovak - sk), while i don*t get them.
Yep. You don't get an error message when your request is not
satisfied. The system currently sends only descriptions from sid.


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