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Re: DDTSS-Django, developer release

On 07/28/2011 10:23 PM, Martijn van O wrote:
On 28 July 2011 09:46, Michael Bramer<grisu@deb-support.de>  wrote:
apt-get install libpq-dev
apt-get install python-dev

It was working... Now, I play with it...

Ok. But I thought it should work with the system packages. I'm not a
buildout expert, but I'll see if I can work out how it works.

(low prio)

first we should work on the interface... :-)

1-2 Questions:

You have a 'description_tag_tb_old' database table in your database,
but don't use it. Why?

Eh, very good question. Hadn't noticed, can probably go away.

Also some other improvments:
I see you comment about description_tb:

We should move source, package, prioritize to a extra table

I also import the real database...
Some pages are very slow... need the
first time 50sec... but after the you cache the page, if I understand
the code the right way....

Yes, it's cached. In the current ddtp these pages are pregenerated,
but they are huge. I wonder if it is a good way of doing it, are they
useful? Perhaps there are better ways of doing it? Such as an
(interactive) search interface.

maybe, but the pages are working. 'l' is big with all the

lib[a-z] can help... (low prio)

Nice work.

Thanks, but there's still much to do. Got distracted on the personal
front, hope to get back to it soon.

I can't python... But I play with the new interface and add some new
stuff. :-)

my new urls.py:

urlpatterns = patterns(
    url(r'^$', ddt_views.view_index, name='ddt_index'),
    url(r'^(\w).html', ddt_views.view_browse, name='ddt_overview'),
url(r'^package/([\w.+-]+)$', ddt_views.view_package, name='ddt_package'),
    url(r'^source/(\w+)$', ddt_views.view_source, name='ddt_source'),
    url(r'^descr/(\d+)$', ddt_views.view_descr, name='ddt_descr'),
url(r'^descr/(\d+)-(\w+)$', ddt_views.view_transdescr, name='ddt_transdescr'),
    url(r'^ddtss/', include(ddtss_urls)),

I hope the urls are ok for you.
view_transdescr and view_source are working, but need some code clean

Now we have the review tables in the 'normal', main database. This is
very nice. With this I can add this stuff in the mail interface too.



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