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Re: Additional English training (for use in package description reviews)

I wonder whether
"If<action>  is requested by<some_programm>, and
  neither<parameter_1>  nor<parameter_2>  is set,  then
<parameter_1>   is implied ..."
is correct.
I understand that a parameter is required. Not providing the
  parameter will result in using a default value. But I don't know
whether to use singular or plural.
I'm afraid I'm not even sure which one would cause you uncertainty -
are you contemplating "<action>  are requested", "neither
<parameter_1>  nor<parameter_2>  are set", or "<parameter_1>  are
implied"?  The second one is the only one that sounds at all
plausible, and I would still avoid it in writing (just as I would
write "either Sam or Pat is guilty", not "are guilty").
I'm sorry for being imprecise. It was the second one. Thank
for the additional information.

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