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Re: What about DDTSS do you (dis)like?

Quoting Davide Prina (davide.prina@gmail.com):

> 1) space/return: actually if a new packages description has an extra
> space/return you have to translate it again.
> For example the actual text is:
> >>This is a test!<<
> The new text uploaded by DD is
> >>This  is a test!<<
> or
> >>This
> is a test!<<
> I think the system must understand this as non-changed and to use
> the previous translation available.

This pertains to the DDTP, ie what's lying below the DDTSS....

This is something that is increadibly missing to the DDTP: the concept
of "fuzzy" translation of paragraphs. That was one of the motivations
for trying to push something based on gettext.

> 2) a translation again list: it the Xyz team has translated in the
> past the package Abc and the text of this packages has been modified
> then the Abc packages must go into this list

This logic could be in the DDTSS, probably. However, it means
"remembering" things. What could be done in some way could be giving a
higher priority to packages that have a few paragraphs already
translated (as the DDTP is paragraph-based, translating a paragraph
that's common to several packages automatically "populates" all
packages that share this paragraph.

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