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Re: DDTSS: Any fetching fails with Internal Server Error

Quoting beatrice (beatricet@libero.it):
> On Monday 06 June 2011, at 06:38 +0200,Christian PERRIER wrote:
> > This continues this Monday morning:
> Yes, the problems are still there, aside the probs I already mentioned,
> I can add that the review process has some issues as well.
> We have two descriptions that are not passing the review process even if
> they have enough reviewers already:  one with 3 (yoshimi) and one with 5
> reviews (whysynth).

For the French team, I can indeed no longer fetch descriptions to
translate as I was doing before the changes. The first time I fetch a
said description, I get an "Internal server error", then, later on,
when trying to fetch again that very same description, I get "this
description has already been fetched by others"....but doesn't appear
in things to translate. An example of this is gdm3 for fr.....

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