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Re: DDTSS: Any fetching fails with Internal Server Error

Quoting Christian PERRIER (bubulle@debian.org):

> This is a conspiracy I imagined with Martijn to bring the too-good
> italian team back so that we have a chance to overtake you guys..:-)
> More seriously, I think we'd probably let martijn work on these
> issues. I had several "internal server error" too, this afternoon.

This continues this Monday morning:

- I tried fetching "libgnome2.24-cil" for French
- I got an Internal Server Error
- I came back  to the French page
- When trying to fetch libgnome2.24-cilagain, I got "All descriptions
for package libgnome2.24-cil already fetched by others"

I wasn't logged in when doing the first fetch. Maybe this package's
descriptions are locked in some way?

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