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Re: DDTSS: Any fetching fails with Internal Server Error

Quoting beatrice (beatricet@libero.it):
> On Sunday 05 June 2011, at 20:39 +0900, You wrote:
> Hi! some feedback from an Italian translator...
> > After the upgrade of DDTSS, fetching a description always fails
> > showing Internal Server Error.
> I am experiencing the same problem when fetching new descriptions to
> translate.
> In addition I received the same Internal Server Error when reviewing
> descriptions and approving their contents, though after reloading the
> main page the descriptions were in my "Reviewed by you" list and appeared
> correctly reviewed.
> Lastly, I don't now if it is of any importance, the "Recently
> translated" list in the Italian main page is suffering time-travel
> syndrome and shows the updated list at times and other times it shows
> the list up to 2008.
> I am glad though that you are trying to improve the DDTSS database and
> its operation as a whole, thanks.

This is a conspiracy I imagined with Martijn to bring the too-good
italian team back so that we have a chance to overtake you guys..:-)

More seriously, I think we'd probably let martijn work on these
issues. I had several "internal server error" too, this afternoon.

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