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Re: apt 0.8.0~pre1: Please translate the package apt

Quoting Andrei Popescu (andreimpopescu@gmail.com):

> Dear Christian,
> Is there a -l10n-english review process for the translatable material in 
> Debian core packages? I'm asking because of things like:

No, there isn't. Why? See below..:-)

> I have also seen a few occurrences of "full-stop without space", but my 
> poor grep-fu can't find them right now.
> I know I could report these as (minor) bugs against apt, but I think a 
> thorough review would be needed, probably also for the other native 
> Debian packages. Maybe for squeeze+1?

The best action is currently reporting minor bugs against apt. Being
subscribed to the package's PTS, I'll try to fix these bugs as they
come in and decide whether I cann unfuzzy translations of if I need to
leave things being fuzzied and thus leave up to us, translators, to
fix our work.

I would suggest reporting each typo or error as a separate bug report,
ideally. Of course, that can make many bug reports....but it helps
dealing with them in a sequential manner. There is nothing as
discouraging as a bug report pointing to a dozen of spelling errors
and mistakes.

Also, sending patches *against the original source code* (and not the
POT file) would help a lot, of course. :)

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