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(forw) Debian Project mourns the loss of Frans Pop

Most of you may read Debian News, but some probably don't. In any
case, I felt the need to foward these very sad news to i18n

Please find a more personal comment of mine at the end of this mail.

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Subject: Debian Project mourns the loss of Frans Pop
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The Debian Project                                http://www.debian.org/
Debian Project mourns the loss of Frans Pop             press@debian.org
August 31st, 2010               http://www.debian.org/News/2010/20100831

Debian Project mourns the loss of Frans Pop

The Debian Project has lost a member of its community. Frans Pop (fjp)
died on August 20th.

Frans was involved in Debian as a maintainer of several packages, a
supporter of the S/390 port, and one of the most involved members of
the Debian Installer team. He was a Debian Listmaster, editor and
release manager of the Installation Guide and the release notes, as
well as a Dutch translator.

The Debian Project honours his good work and strong dedication to
Debian and Free Software.  Frans' broad technical knowledge and his
ability to share that knowledge with others will be missed.  The
contributions of Frans will not be forgotten, and the high standards of
his work will continue to serve as an inspiration to others.

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Personal comment by myself:

The news about Frans' death was a shock to me when I received it on
Sunday Aug 22nd.

The i18n/l10n community of Debian lost one of its most active
contributors. Frans' first contributions to Debian were indeed in the
field of documentation and localization (in Dutch, his native

Frans lead the Debian Installer management for two years and has a
great part in the success of the Debian Installer releases and, as a
consequence, in the success of Debian releases.

Until the very end of his life, he was committed to work on Dutch
localization of D-I, to prepare releases of the Debian Installation
Guide (which included coordination the translation work for it) and so
many contributions that make it hard to list.

Frans was very well known and respected for the very high quality
standard he was applying in all his work for Debian, which helped a
lot of ourselves to raise our own quality standards.

I am very proud for having been a very close Debian colleague of Frans
all over 6 years of mutual contributions in Debian (the first message
Frans sent to the debian-boot mailing list was on March 1st
2004). While it's hard to define who is a friend and who is not in a
virtual community like ours, I think that we both shared enough good
and bad moments for being as close as people can be in a large project
like Debian.

The Debian Project was represented at Frans' funeral ceremony and
several Debian developers could show Frans' family how shocked we
were, expressed the respect that the project members had for him and
could share their grief and pain.

I know that many of you share these feelings.

Rest In Peace, my friend. You will be missed.


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