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Re: Reviews of debconf templates

Hello Martin,
On Mon, Apr 05, 2010 at 08:18:33PM +0000, Martin Eberhard Schauer wrote:
>> package descriptions are completely stand alone, they are not stored
>> in the package at all. You can translate them completely independent
>> of the rest of the package.
> They are a part of the /debian/control files of the source packages.

Yes, the original version as well. And IMHO it gets reviewed as well
on debian-l10n-english. But the translation is *not* stored in the

>> If you look on the ddtp statistics pages you can yourself determine
>> which package descriptions are untranslated and after translating (and
>> getting the reviews, if you work through the web interface) it will
>> appear automatically, no involvment of maintainers or NMUers necessary
>> (nor sensible).
> I think i am familiar with ddtp because i contribute there for some
> time. It _is_ easy just to request some new descriptions and
> translate some of them. But when i want to focus on something, the
> easyst thing is keeping the Top 500 up to date. Up to now i don't know
> an easy way e.g. to look for the untranslated descriptions ranked
> between 700 and 900 or to search packages with revised templates
> without translated description.
> I believe there is interest in searching packages that match some
> translation criteria:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-i18n/2010/03/msg00057.html
> The script has been used by some Italian team people and he can help to:
> * automatic fetch package in http://ddtp.debian.net/ site
> * identify packages that can have translated paragraphs
> * identify packages that need to be translated and have only few text
>  rows

> Perhaps this script would not have been necessary to develop if
> there would have been an easy means for querying the ddtp database.
> Considering your objection a bit, i think  that  you are right.  My
> wish should not extend other peoples workload, but i would still
> appreciate an opportunity to investigate the translation statistics
> in more depth.

I'm not objecting, I just state that such a coupling is not feasible.
If scripts and/or web statistics can be improved, please go ahead and
post patches etc.



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