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Re: Reviews of debconf templates

Dear Helge,
package descriptions are completely stand alone, they are not stored
in the package at all. You can translate them completely independent
of the rest of the package.
They are a part of the /debian/control files of the source packages.
If you look on the ddtp statistics pages you can yourself determine
which package descriptions are untranslated and after translating (and
getting the reviews, if you work through the web interface) it will
appear automatically, no involvment of maintainers or NMUers necessary
(nor sensible).
I think i am familiar with ddtp because i contribute there for some
time. It _is_ easy just to request some new descriptions and
translate some of them. But when i want to focus on something, the
easyst thing is keeping the Top 500 up to date. Up to now i don't know
an easy way e.g. to look for the untranslated descriptions ranked
between 700 and 900 or to search packages with revised templates
without translated description.

I believe there is interest in searching packages that match some
translation criteria:

The script has been used by some Italian team people and he can help to:
* automatic fetch package in http://ddtp.debian.net/ site
* identify packages that can have translated paragraphs
* identify packages that need to be translated and have only few text

Perhaps this script would not have been necessary to develop if
there would have been an easy means for querying the ddtp database.

Considering your objection a bit, i think  that  you are right.  My
wish should not extend other peoples workload, but i would still
appreciate an opportunity to investigate the translation statistics
in more depth.


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