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Re: Debian menu entry translations for squeeze

Hello Christian,
On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 07:24:22AM +0100, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Bill Allombert (Bill.Allombert@math.u-bordeaux1.fr):
> > > How many strings does it contain?
> > 
> > You mean the POT file ? about 4154 msgid strings, 2491 of them do not
> > contains spaces. Maybe a l10n expert could review the POT file and provide
> > some guidance how to reduce it size.
> Well, it's hard to decide in advance that "this is translatable" and
> "this is not". I'd suggest leaving things as is and up to translators
> to decide whether a given string needs translation. When it doesn't,
> hitting "Ctrl-Space" (or any other key combinations in gettext editors
> that copies a msgid in msgstr) is easy and fast.

Yes, this seems perfectly acceptable. 

> > > > Now the only question is whether you are willing to translate that.
> > > 
> > > As I already mentioned in the past, that's probably one of the major
> > > questions. Nowadays, the Debian menu is somehow conflicting with the
> > > FreeDesktop menu system used in major desktop environments. Of course,
> > > I know it does not really *conflict* but, when present, it appears as
> > > an extra menu, which may be confusing.
> > 
> > I would say that Debian menu is complementary to the FreeDesktop menu.
> > The FreeDesktop menu is limited to desktop applications, while the Debian 
> > menu contains much more entries, so it is useful to have both: 
> > a quick access to desktop applications and an exhaustive list of applications.
> Sure. That definitely gives menu an importance...but probably lower
> than that of the FD menu.

From a translators perspective it would be great if either one can
seed the other, so if a FD menu translation is available it could seed
the Debian menu entries and vice versa. 

> > popcon report 50000 installations for menu and only 32000 for gnome-core.
> Add the installs of "whatever package provides the KDE menu" and "same
> for LXDE", "same for XFCE", etc...

I don't know if these numbers really help. Add 500 for us at work (we
don't use popcon) for FD menu, and add a few people I know for the
Debian menu. I think the statement is that people use Debian menu and
not if that are 58% or 37%.

> > But anyway, I do not believe in abstraction like "real end users". I maintain
> > menu because I use it, my family use it, and my friends use it. 
> Sure. The point is not abandoning menu. It is about prioritizing the
> translators work. Only having "menu is used by Bill's friends" as an
> argument to translate over 4000 strings in Northern Sotho is a bit short..:-)
> Still, I'd suggest we hook up menu-l10n's git repo on Pootle at
> i18n.debian.net and leave up to translators to decide they work on it
> or not.

Could you also republish the original git repro which can be cloned by
transltors working on menu? 

> To achieve this, I probably need to clone the right branch, on
> i18n.debian.net, turn this in a "pootle" branch which you would merge
> in before releasing a new package version, when needed. 

Also it would be great if during freeze time as was suggested by Bill
a final call could be issued here (with links to the git version and
pootle) so translators would have a time window of 10 days or so
(given the number of strings, a few extra days wouldn't hurt) to
update their local copies and file bugs or push translations to



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