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Re: Debian menu entry translations for squeeze

Quoting Bill Allombert (Bill.Allombert@math.u-bordeaux1.fr):

> > How many strings does it contain?
> You mean the POT file ? about 4154 msgid strings, 2491 of them do not
> contains spaces. Maybe a l10n expert could review the POT file and provide
> some guidance how to reduce it size.

Well, it's hard to decide in advance that "this is translatable" and
"this is not". I'd suggest leaving things as is and up to translators
to decide whether a given string needs translation. When it doesn't,
hitting "Ctrl-Space" (or any other key combinations in gettext editors
that copies a msgid in msgstr) is easy and fast.

> > > Now the only question is whether you are willing to translate that.
> > 
> > As I already mentioned in the past, that's probably one of the major
> > questions. Nowadays, the Debian menu is somehow conflicting with the
> > FreeDesktop menu system used in major desktop environments. Of course,
> > I know it does not really *conflict* but, when present, it appears as
> > an extra menu, which may be confusing.
> I would say that Debian menu is complementary to the FreeDesktop menu.
> The FreeDesktop menu is limited to desktop applications, while the Debian 
> menu contains much more entries, so it is useful to have both: 
> a quick access to desktop applications and an exhaustive list of applications.

Sure. That definitely gives menu an importance...but probably lower
than that of the FD menu.

> popcon report 50000 installations for menu and only 32000 for gnome-core.

Add the installs of "whatever package provides the KDE menu" and "same
for LXDE", "same for XFCE", etc...

> But anyway, I do not believe in abstraction like "real end users". I maintain
> menu because I use it, my family use it, and my friends use it. 

Sure. The point is not abandoning menu. It is about prioritizing the
translators work. Only having "menu is used by Bill's friends" as an
argument to translate over 4000 strings in Northern Sotho is a bit short..:-)

Still, I'd suggest we hook up menu-l10n's git repo on Pootle at
i18n.debian.net and leave up to translators to decide they work on it
or not.

To achieve this, I probably need to clone the right branch, on
i18n.debian.net, turn this in a "pootle" branch which you would merge
in before releasing a new package version, when needed. 

Having Pootle 2.x on i18n.debian.net would help in this as that
version made it much easier to work with remote VCS. For this, we need
pootle packages backported to lenny (i18n.debian.net is running lenny).

I just need time to set this up on i18n.debian.net..:-)

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