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Re: [D-I] Please test Debian Installer with console-setup (3rd version)

Quoting Luca Favatella (slackydeb@gmail.com):

> I tested mini-cs-i386.iso in italian on qemu.
> One of the first steps in d-i was this (look at the comments with "<--"):
> --8<---- (1)
> Please select the layout matching the keyboard for this machine. <--
> english string
> Keyboard layout:              <-- english string

Same for French. Weird, given that these strings are translated.

Apparently, for some reason, the console-setup/variant template is not
translated at all, except its choices (which do not follow the
standard debconf way)

> Italia                                <-- default, chosen by me
> Italia - Georgiana             <-- I never heard about this...
> Italia - Macintosh             <-- perhaps this is for Intel Apple
> Italia - Tasti muti esclusi  <-- (translated: "Italy - except mute
> buttons") what is this?!?

"No dead keys". "Dead keys" are keys that do not produce a
character immediately but combine with the next typed key to produce a

Example on the French keymap: ^ right of the "P" key. If you hit hit,
you get nothing, but if you hit an "a" after, you get an "â".

Apparently, though, these "No dead keys" and "Georgian" variants
appear for all layouts! I also get a "Georgian" variant for the
"France" layout.

Sounds like a bug somewhere.

> After downloading something (perhaps the base system?), this popped up:
> --8<---- (2)
> [!!] Configurazione in corso di console-setup <-- translated: "Running
> translation of console-setup"
> Origine della tastiera: <-- translated: "Keyboard origin:"
> ... <-- a lot of choices


It means that console-setup is reconfigured on the base system without
keeping choices picked in the udeb..... That's a bug.

> At the _first_ boot, before the "Setting the system clock." message, I got
> --8<---- (3)
> WARNING: undefined kernel key code for 153
> WARNING: undefined kernel key code for 160
> WARNING: undefined kernel key code for 162
> ... <- other messages with other numbers
> WARNING: undefined kernel key code for 245

I'm not sure about this one....

> At the console (at every boot), all keys of the keyboard are working,
> except for characters "ì" and "ò", that are printed as rhombus (I
> don't know if I chose the wrong keyboard layout for qemu...).

Where are these keys located on a standard italian keyboard layout?

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