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keyboard locales horribly broken?

Can anyone else reproduce

Which in short says: 
a) If you use the gnome keyboard selector to
select Finnish or Swedish (and probably others) with a UTF-8 base
locale of en_GB then it works OK until you reboot with a finnish UTF-8
locale when most of the keys emit garbage. Switching back to the GB
keyboard or the en_GB locale produces working keys again. 

b) If you use the Xorg keymap configuration to set more than one
mapping then you can produce essentially the same problem without
rebooting, or changing the base locale, which seems like an easier
problem to get to the bottom of, and may well clarify the above.

This seems to me to be a fundmental and serious problem for the use of
non-UK/US keyboards, but I haven't seen anyone else complaining about
it, and the above bug-report produced no response in last couple of
weeks, so I guess it's not actually affecting that many people? 

I've been doing all my testing on a acer aspire Ones (i386) using a fresh
lenny install, which I'd expect amounts to 'bog standard', but perhaps

Clues very welcome, as I'm trying to provide machines for translators,
and it'd be nice if they worked when set to a particular locale.

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