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Re: POOTLE: debconf commit error

Quoting Clytie Siddall (clytie@riverland.net.au):
> Hi everyone :)
> When I try to commit updated debconf files, I get an error message  
> (e.g.):
> [SVN] Error running SVN command '['svn', '-q', '--non-interactive',  
> 'commit', '-m', u'Commit from Debian/Pootle l10n server by user Clytie. 7 
> of 7 messages translated (0 fuzzy).', u'/srv/ 
> pootle.debian.net/pootle/debconf/main/c/couriergraph/vi.po']': svn:  
> Can't open file '/srv/pootle.debian.net/pootle/debconf/main/c/ 
> couriergraph/.svn/lock': Permission denied
> The message is the same for each package.
> I have several other files I need to commit: I'll keep a list for now.

I suggest you do not use the "debconf" project in Pootle for anything
but tests. Maybe this is not clear enough as of now (and thus sorry
for this) but that project is currently hokked on an SVN where ALL
debconf translations are stored, but nothing is in place to push this
back to maintainers.

The problem you mention is certainly a bug anyway and I need to check
why it happens....at least you should be able to get the commit


OK, problem found: permission problem, obviously.

Still, please do NOT think that just committing the files in the
"debconf" project will be enough for these translations to be used in
the relevant packages. At this moment, this will not happen and you
need to file bug reports for the relevant packages.

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