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POOTLE: debconf commit error

Hi everyone :)

When I try to commit updated debconf files, I get an error message (e.g.):

[SVN] Error running SVN command '['svn', '-q', '--non-interactive', 'commit', '-m', u'Commit from Debian/Pootle l10n server by user Clytie. 7 of 7 messages translated (0 fuzzy).', u'/srv/ pootle.debian.net/pootle/debconf/main/c/couriergraph/vi.po']': svn: Can't open file '/srv/pootle.debian.net/pootle/debconf/main/c/ couriergraph/.svn/lock': Permission denied

The message is the same for each package.

I have several other files I need to commit: I'll keep a list for now.

Thanks for any help you can offer with this. :)

from Clytie

Vietnamese Free Software Translation Team

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