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Re: Release Notes status; doc translations

On 2009-02-17 18:35, Clytie Siddall wrote:
> Will the release notes be updated further?

Yes. We have some open bugs and will find many more. I hope,
that the updated documents will go on the CDs for r1. More
translations are welcome, too.

> I ask because I don't know if 
> I need to keep on updating the directory and checking the files for  
> changes as often as I do now.

I'm sure, everything will slow down a little bit, as there is no
deadline until before r1.

> The status page [1] tells me my language  
> is not up to 100%, but the files are all complete, and the contradiction 
> bothers me. :S

For one language (I don't rember which) three fuzzy translations
are reported wrongly. Just ignore it for now.

> I've added some recommendations about docs translations (and debconf) to 
> the Releases Planning wiki page. [2]


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