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Re: Pootle status

On 15/02/2009, at 5:15 PM, Christian Perrier wrote:

I'm again not entirely enthousiast in keeping this
"Debian Installer" project which is indeed a collection of various
translation tasks for several packages and software.

Of course, they are put together because they are in some way related
to the installation of Debian but:
- this is less and less true (for instance packages in level 5 and 4 have
 nearly nothing to do with the installation of Debian anymore)
- this is confusing

So, really, what I would like to end up is:

- Debian Installer: the real "core" D-I
- tasksel
- iso-codes
- dpkg

...and dropping debconf-only translations (exim4, console-data, etc.)
at least for the moment....until a more general solution is
found/built to allow translators to work on them directly from Pootle
and have the result committed somewhere for maintainers to use it.

When I first came to Debian, I found it very helpful that there was a set of files labelled "Debian Installer" to which I could give priority, and which somehow stood out against the huge, complex mass of the Debian project.

From the translator POV, I'm keen to keep things as focussed and clear as possible. The auto-update emails for D-I have been a big help in prioritizing resources. I'm sorry to hear that git hasn't so far made it easy for you to filter the files for us: hopefully we can end up with an Installer easily recognized by both new and existing translators alike.

from Clytie

Vietnamese Free Software Translation Team

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