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Project restructuring? [was: Pootle status]

Somewhat OT in the prerelease rush, but may be of help for long term

Christian Perrier writes:

 > iso-codes switched to git and I am unable to do a partial checkout
 > (only iso_3166) which is what I was doing earlier when it was using
 > SVN. This is maybe my own technical limitation, though.

No, it's not you.  git is designed around the idea of checking out the
"whole project", but of course that's some what arbitrary.  And it
makes a lot of sense to have "meta projects" (projects made up of
projects) and "external projects" (as in SVN).

git has a primitive feature called submodules which seem best
interpreted as a way to construct meta projects.  A git submodule is a
particular state of an external project (in dpkg terms it would be an
"=version" dependency on a library).

The git-submodules man page is terse and abstract, but clear and
accurate (if that kind of style speaks to you).

 > So, really, what I would like to end up is:
 > - Debian Installer: the real "core" D-I
 > - tasksel
 > - iso-codes
 > - dpkg
 > etc.
 > ...and dropping debconf-only translations (exim4, console-data, etc.) 
 > at least for the moment....until a more general solution is
 > found/built to allow translators to work on them directly from Pootle
 > and have the result committed somewhere for maintainers to use it.

This sounds like a good application for git submodules.  However,
there are lots of alternatives including SVN external dependencies,


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