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Re: Release notes: Thanks to all

Hi Martin,

> * PDF build problems: For unknown reasons, "es" currently does
>   not build with dblatex on etch. OTOH, "pt" and "pt_BR" seem to
>   build fine, which should be very similar. I'm lost at this.
>   Proposal: No idea. Hope for fix. Deactivate PDF variant.
> I leave everything as is for now and come back to you in a few hours.
Here (Italian translation) I had (am still having) the same problem when
trying to build PDF files. The error message was:
No external file support
warning: failed to load external entity "/home/vince/rn/release-notes/-"
unable to parse /home/vince/rn/release-notes/-
Error: xsltproc failed
make: *** [it/release-notes.all.pdf] Error 1

Have a nice day and thanks again for your assistance :)

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