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Release notes: Translations have to be ready in three hours


the plan still is to have the translations ready until Thursday,
2009-02-12 23:59 UTC, which is in about three hours. Every later
fix should be coordinated with debian-release@lists.debian.org,
because we don't want to break the build right now.

Most translations are already in good shape. The translators of
ca, cs, and pt_BR (DocBook based, not po-based) might want to
check, whether everything is OK. The statistics at 
might be misleading, as any SVN revision difference to the
English original leads to "deduction of points".

Furthermore, Martin Bagge found out, that his "sv" translation
is always reported with three fuzzy translation, which are not
there. As always: Lies, damned lies, statistics!

Note: The work on the release notes is not finished on the
release date. We will, of course, update the release notes.
New translations can be added. They are just not on the initial
CD/DVD/BD set.

Thanks in advance!

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