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Re: release notes building time ...


On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 01:21:35PM +0100, W. Martin Borgert wrote:
> My impression is, that the time is mostly spend in po4a-translate.
> AFAIK, the release-notes are not the only ones using po4a. So I
> wonder: What are we doing wrong, that the release notes take so
> long? (Maybe my impression is wrong and po4a is not the "culprit",
> I can't do any tests before 20:00 UTC.)

I recently improved the performance of the Xml po4a module.
I also think it was too slow. (even more when a lot of tags were added in
the Docbook module)

This does not really provide a solution, but it might point the culprit.

I think using po4a with a config file (instead of po4a-updatepo and
po4a-translate) is faster.

I don't know if the Makefile has the right dependencies to avoid
rebuilding every time if no changes appeared in the English version and in
a given PO file (I don't even know if this situation happens).

Best Regards,

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