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Re: release notes building time ...

Zitat von "Gerfried Fuchs" <rhonda@deb.at>:
 Again I feel the need to raise my voice about the building time of the
release notes. I just had to kill it once again because it was running
_way_ too long. I am thinking of moving the release note building from
the often cronjob (every four hours) to once a day to avoid not being
able to not have the rest of the site delayed because of a still running

My impression is, that the time is mostly spend in po4a-translate.
AFAIK, the release-notes are not the only ones using po4a. So I
wonder: What are we doing wrong, that the release notes take so
long? (Maybe my impression is wrong and po4a is not the "culprit",
I can't do any tests before 20:00 UTC.)

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