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Re: Release notes: String freeze

2009/2/9 Esko Arajärvi <edu@iki.fi>:
> Hi,
> Eddy Petrișor wrote:
>> There is this particular word which is wrongly split:
>> "îmbunătățindu-i" and it seems I am unable to specify the correct
>> latex (not a thing I am good at) expression that would allow me to
>> tell latex NOT to split the word this way:
>> îmbunătățindu-
>> i
> I can't test this suggestion just now, but is your problem solved with
> markup:
> \mbox{îmbunătățindu-i}

No, because I don't work directly on the target file, afaiui.

> This should create a box, just large énough for the text, which won't be
> broken to two lines.

If I were editing the .tex file.

But, anyway, I have found the solution, and it seems it has been
standing on my keyboard since it's standard was introduced in 2004:


By simply replacing the minus sign "-" with the hyphen "–" I prevented
the split. Yay me and the Romanian keyboard. Now I am worried about
the problems this might lead to (missing glyph on old 8 bit system,
Windows machines or such systems).

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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