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Re: Release notes: String freeze

2009/2/9 W. Martin Borgert <debacle@debian.org>:
> Hi,
> since twenty minutes, as planned, the Debian release notes are
> "string-frozen". I ask everyone to do any changes in the English
> text only in collaboration with the translators. Thanks!

OK, cool.

> Translators: If nobody objects I ask you to finish translations
> until Thursday, 2009-02-12 23:59 UTC. Not much time, sorry.

Well, that is what was announced initially and a lot more that what
was for Debian Etch's release notes ;-) .

> Remarks:
> 1. In en/release-notes.dbk lines 264..278 you find how to add
>   translators credits. You are free to do what you find
>   appropriate in your translation, but don't forget a
>   "make validate LINGUA=xy" and "make statistics.html".
>   One or the other might break, if you do sth. wrong.

It would probably be useful to note that translators using PO-s can
put the translation credits in the translation for the following

msgid ""
"This document has been translated into many languages.  Many thanks to the "

> 2. I already removed the "DRAFT" from the release notes. This is
>   to get a more realistic view of the document now and a better
>   calculation of the final size.
> 3. For non-po translations: Please use the markers in all files:
>   <!-- English version: 6543 -->
>   <!-- Last translator: Your Name 2009-01-27 -->
>   The version number is important for statistics.html - if the
>   translation is older than the English version, the file is
>   counted as 50%, if the header isn't present as 0%.
> 4. For dblatex languages (en, ca, da, de, es, fi, fr, it, ko,
>   lt, nl, pt_BR, pt, ro, sk, and sv), there is a file
>   hyphenation.tex for fixing hyphenation problems in LaTeX.
>   Use it!

I had problems trying to use the hyphenation or, rather, preventing it
to happen at the wrong place.

In Romanian we have something what would be roughly translated as
"uniting line". This acts as a glue between two words which are linked
together after on being reduced from its full form, as opposed to
separating them.

There is this particular word which is wrongly split:
"îmbunătățindu-i" and it seems I am unable to specify the correct
latex (not a thing I am good at) expression that would allow me to
tell latex NOT to split the word this way:


This is visible on page 12 of the pdf file, at the paragraph called
"Suport pentru dispozitive de sintetizare a vocii".

I have tried:




And various variants I could think of (resulting from what I found on the net).

Still, I have a feeling that I should specify something like:

"Whenever there is a literal "-" don't *ever consider breaking the
word at that point."

Note: \c{t} is *not* what I want for "ț" since that would generate
cedilla characters which are incorrect[1] and we're using comma

Please help.

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/L10N/Romanian/CommaTransition
"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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