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Release notes: String freeze


since twenty minutes, as planned, the Debian release notes are
"string-frozen". I ask everyone to do any changes in the English
text only in collaboration with the translators. Thanks!

Translators: If nobody objects I ask you to finish translations
until Thursday, 2009-02-12 23:59 UTC. Not much time, sorry.


1. In en/release-notes.dbk lines 264..278 you find how to add
   translators credits. You are free to do what you find
   appropriate in your translation, but don't forget a
   "make validate LINGUA=xy" and "make statistics.html".
   One or the other might break, if you do sth. wrong.

2. I already removed the "DRAFT" from the release notes. This is
   to get a more realistic view of the document now and a better
   calculation of the final size.

3. For non-po translations: Please use the markers in all files:
   <!-- English version: 6543 -->
   <!-- Last translator: Your Name 2009-01-27 -->
   The version number is important for statistics.html - if the
   translation is older than the English version, the file is
   counted as 50%, if the header isn't present as 0%.

4. For dblatex languages (en, ca, da, de, es, fi, fr, it, ko,
   lt, nl, pt_BR, pt, ro, sk, and sv), there is a file
   hyphenation.tex for fixing hyphenation problems in LaTeX.
   Use it!

5. It seems, that we don't have translations for da, fi, ko, nl,
   or pl. We will deactivate these translations soon.

Thanks in advance!

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