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Re: uswsusp Japanese po-debconf file is not updated correctly.

> > There are already updated translations for de, fr, ro and jp.
> >
> > If you are planning a new upload (soonish), please also consider  #493560.
> Of course. But maybe I will first wait a bit for some more testing and try
> to convince the RMs to let uswsusp in. Christian can always do a
> translation update at the last moment;)

Well, frankly speaking, we would very deeply appreciate an update
fixing some of the translations as uswsusp in in the way of full
completeness for German dn French, which is something I intend to
advertize as much as possible.

We, unfortunately, have no stats for testing, yet, which would be even
more significant so that's why we want to complete unstable.

Therefore, an intermediate upload fixing l10n stuff would be deeply
appreciated.... I'm also quite convinced, unfortunately, that the RM
will *not* accept 0.8 in unstable.

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