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Re: "Update-Manager" and "Update-Notifier" translation

Quoting Thibaut Paumard (paumard@users.sourceforge.net):

> On the other end, we could certainly search and replace Ubuntu by  
> Debian. For Canonical, we may need to be more specific.

I really would recommend to rather try to "unbrand" as many messages
as possible, using more neutral wording.

That may be tricky....I know, but it's certainly worth it.

I would *not* recommend doing s/Ubuntu/Debian, particularly in
translated strings. There are cases where changing the distro name may
change the translation.

Example for French (not taken in update-manager nor update-notifier):

"Debian main menu"

-->menu principal de Debian

which, with Ubuntu becomes:

menu principal d'Ubuntu

There are certainly many more such examples

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