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"Update-Manager" and "Update-Notifier" translation

Hi i18n list and update-manager maintainers (and CC to Japanese Debian Developers),

 I'll ask you to update translations of "Update-Manager" "Update-Notifier" 
 that is installed with default Debian Desktop Environment.

 There are too many "Ubuntu" or "Canonical Ltd." etc hardcoded messages.
 Such as,
>henrich@stigma:~/tmp/update-manager-0.68.debian/po$ grep -i ubuntu ja.po|wc -l

 How do I deal with this? Do I just use or merge and update  po/ja.po file from 
 upstream (LaunchPad) and file bug to BTS... is that enough?
 debian/patches/10_update_translations.diff does something, only deal with
> #: ../data/glade/UpdateManager.glade.h:5
> msgid "<big><b>Not all updates can be installed</b></big>"
 message, but do we need more care about patch for this?


 Hideki Yamane     henrich @ debian.or.jp/iijmio-mail.jp

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