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Re: http://www.perrier.eu.org/weblog/2008/07/15#anti-l10n-cabal

Quoting Dominic Hargreaves (dom@earth.li):

> This makes it doubly annoying when Christian then ignores my email to
> this list and sends me one of his NMU emails (when I've already
> invited patches to be sent).

Sorry, we're out of luck, here. My "NMU" email (which was a special
one, with a different wording than others) was sent before I saw your
mail in the list. I'm currently working mostly offline and I
experience delays in mails transmission that can explain such
circumstances. Sorry for this.

The point of the "NMU" mail is mostly offering to coordinate a
translation update round, handling as many things as possible for
you. Would I see your initial mail to the list that I would have
worded my "NMU" mail differently and probalby had sent the offer to
coordinate a translation update round as an answer to your mail.

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