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About "needed-characters" in D-I

Some translators may remember the need to fill in a file named after
their language code in the  "installer/build/needed-characters"
directory of D-I SVN.

Up to now, the policy for these files was to ask you the characters
that are *needed* to properly write your language and that are not
part of the ASCII range.

For instance, for French:



After some discussion, we just decided to extend this a little to *all characters* that can be typed on your respective keyboards. This way, even when users input strings with such characters, something will be displayed (otherwise, there was a chance that, the character being stripped out from the console font, nothing coul dbe displayed.

So, please take care to update the file relevant to your language in installer/build/needed-characters, with characters that can be typed on your keymap *and that are printed on the keys* (no characters that are "hidden" on some key combinations: the point is allowing all characters we *reasonably* expect users to enter).

Frans Pop and I will monitor such changes and will nag you if we think that you're adding an unacceptable number of characters, so please be conservative enough.

As an example, for French, I will add:
and that's about everything.

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