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Re: DDTP-Links on CDD tasks web pages

On Sat, 12 Jul 2008, Michael Bramer wrote:

there is a solution:
Martijn give andreas a url, that:
- get the description and translation from the ddtp-db
- don't store it in the ddtss db
- show it on the web page, like the review process
- only if the user make changes, store it in the ddtss db and set the
  user as translator/reviewer

After this other user can review the new translation and the ddtss can
import the new stuff in the ddtp

Sounds reasonable to me (as an outsider).

What source did you check? The ddtp-apt-sources is build daily

I'm parsing


twice a day to create pages like for instance


After I tried to fix the broken translation it seemed to have vanished
out of this file - despite the even stranger fact that I see in

    $ apt-cache show med-imaging
    Description-de: Debian Med Imaging Packete
     Dieses Metapacket installiert Debianpackete, die fÃŒr die medizinische
     Bildverarbeitung brauchbar sein sollten.

So neither the Packages files are fixed (whereever they are) nor the
Translation file on the DDTP server (OK, removing a broken outdated
translation might count as a fix ...).

Kind regards



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