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Re: Ideas wrt debconf templates checks

Hi all,

On Thursday, 3. July 2008 05:03, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Before I report this as a wishlist bug, I'd like to have your input
> on two ideas that popped up in my mind for possible lintian checks wrt
> debconf templates:

I got one more idea, but I'm not sure if it is feasible, because I know 
nothing of lintian's inner workings. Specifically I don't know if it has some 
kind of access to BTS, but let's try.

One of the most irritating situations for a translator (at least for me) is 
when package maintainer marks a translation bug closed but forgets to add the 
po file to the package. Could there be lintian warning if all the following 
requirements are met:

1. Changelog proclaims a bug closed
2. The bug is marked with tags l10n and patch
3. There's a po file attached to the bug report
4. This po file is not in the package's po directory

If the actual contents of the po file would be checked, this might also catch 
some formatting errors caused by different encodings.

Hmm, just now I realized that there can be situations where for example it is 
not the original po file which should be used but some other (updated) 
version from some later mail. Then this process could fail. Well, maybe 
someone comes up with better checking system... :-)


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