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Re: Intent to NMU mantis to fix pending po-debconf l10n bugs

Quoting Patrick Schoenfeld (schoenfeld@in-medias-res.com):

> feel free to do so, but I'm unsure if this helps much. Since 1.0.8 there
> has been no updates to the templates. Not sure, though, if there are
> still missing languages. Probably a call for translation updates would
> help to getting them complete (if any language is missing).

The call for translations I just sent will quite certainly brin in:
Finnish, Galician, Basque, Turkish.

Brazilian could be completed as well.

> > That would add a few days to your schedule (something like 10 days
> > total), though.
> I think I will make an upload before. It should be no problem to make
> another upload if there should be additional language updates (unless
> freeze has taken place until then and release team is not willing to let
> translation updates through, but I think this wouldn't be the case,
> would it?)

I wouldn't but the earlier we go over such packages, the better. And I
can't do all packages  at the same time (even for thsoe where a
maintainer is active, some coordination during the translation update
round has proven to help.

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