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Re: Reminder for xorg translations

Quoting Clytie Siddall (clytie@riverland.net.au):

> I love it: "are you done translating?"
> Xorg maintainers, are you done changing original strings? :D

Well, to be fair, they changed the strings only once or twice between
etch and lenny and they removed a *lot* of old stuff which is now
handled directly by new X features.

And, in the cas of this last minute change, they coordinated this with
me by first asking about the best way to do the change (which is
basically removing a sentence). They also asked about the less
invasive possible change to make *our* life easier.

I considered trying to update translations myself, by manually
rmeoving the offending sentence from translations. That would be
doable at least for Latin-based languages for which some rough
knowledge is enough to identify where is the offending sentence.

That's of course impossible for languages where I can't identify
sentences (some of them not even having the concept of "sentence").

So, indeed, I really don't blame xorg maintainers. They did their best
but the change was really mandatory.

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